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    ZQ Measurement & Analysis

    ZQ is Zamit's measurement, analysis, improvement and monitoring index for future readiness, covering over hundred skills and traits that form part of nine dimensions. These skills and traits are also aligned to the three learning domains - cognitive, affective and psychomotor - defined in India's National Education Policy 2020. Zamit provides its users with a ZQ score - the international benchmark for future readiness and with a detailed (over 35-pages-long), personalised report which inculdes advice for improvement.
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    It is an online, age-appropriate, scenario and multiple-choice task-based analysis for school students aged 8 years and above.

    It uses a technology-driven application based on Zamit's proprietary Machine Learning (ML) model, which is personalised and adaptive.

    It covers over 100 skills required for future success clubbed into Zamit's research-based nine dimensions.

    It provides a detailed and personalised report (over 35 pages long), guidance for improvement and an international ZQ score.

    It offers engaging activities, competitions, championships, courses and improvement resources, such as blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, workshops and the GETS International English Certification to help improve the students' ZQ scores.

    The process can be completed in one sitting or at the student's convenience. Once the student begins the process, we recommend they complete the analysis within 30 days.

    The ZQ measurement and analysis can be taken on a computer/laptop or through the Zamit Mobile App on a tablet or mobile phone.

    It is mapped to future-readiness skills as recommended in the NEP 2020 and learning skills covered in the International Baccalaureate (IB).

    It offers students optional opportunities for interactions with Zamit facilitators to discuss their personalised reports and improvement plans.

    Duration: 12 Months.

    Online Measurement & analysis at your own pace.

    Covers over 100 skills under Zamit Nine Dimensions.

    AI-driven, adaptive age-appropriate content.

    Instant results with 360-degree personalised Holistic Report.

    Create & update student's personal portfolios.

    What's Included

    Guide and Tips for improvement.

    Activities and Competitions.

    Championships with scholarships.

    Reels, Audio & Video stories.

    Webinars, News, Articles & Blogs.

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