Seek and you shall find, but not so fast. A challenging 2-in-1 game, a chance to be a spy, a race against time! Spot emotions on the board and learn about them through an interesting quiz that helps kids develop emotional intelligence.
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WHAT'S INSIDE: Spytoi game board, Emo Spy cards, Caselet cards, beads, sand timer and an instructions leaflet 
HOW TO PLAY: Select a colour, take 11 beads of that colour and collect 3 Emo Spy and 2 Caselet cards. Take turns, identify the answers to the quiz on the cards and spot them on the board before time on the sand timer runs out
CARDS THAT TEACHES EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Emo Spy cards help kids relate an emotion to expressions and gestures, Caselet cards helps identify and call out emotions based on the situation given on the card
IMPROVES OBSERVATION SKILLS: Helps kids to build focus and observation skills as they find images on a board filled with other images, some added for pure distraction
WHY GIFT THIS: A perfect birthday gift for boys and girls that keeps them engaged and learn at the same time