Snakes & Manners

Part of Toiing's EQ range, Snakes & Manners is a simple, familiar format to learn about good and bad habits without having to preach to kids. Play just like regular snakes and manners but you need to pick out cards to find out which good deed is sending you ahead through a ladder or which bad habit is pulling you down through the snake. With just the right amount of unpredictability and excitement, this is going to be a complete roller coaster ride with tons of repeat play value!
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WHAT'S INSIDE: Snakes & Manners game board, 4 pawns, a dice and 60 good and bad habit cards 
HOW TO PLAY: Roll the dice and move your pawn. If you land on a coloured tile, pick up a card of that colour and read the message on it. Good habit ladder cards take you forward in the game and bad habit snake cards brings you down
FUN WAY TO LEARN GOOD HABITS & MANNERS: Play is the best way for kids to learn. So try using a board game to teach kids about good habits - less preachy and so much more fun. You also get to meet superhero Mimo who takes the kids on a learning adventure
ENGAGE KIDS INDOORS: A notch above the classic snakes & ladders, this is a great way to spend time playing as a family indoors - unpredictable, exciting but full of learning!
WHY GIFT THIS: Boys or girls, this one is a great hit with kids and families but most importantly, you get to talk about habits and manners in a fun way!