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    Picture of Luxor Modelling Dough 240 Gm

    Luxor Modelling Dough 240 Gm

    Luxor range of art and hobby products helps the young ones bring together relaxation and ideation by taking time away from the screens. Just Luxor doodle the thoughts, do away with stress and prepare for a long and peaceful sleep. Let their hands create what their minds is thinking with high quality products from Luxor.
    Picture of 4 Modelling Dough

    4 Modelling Dough

    Play-based learning with modelling dough assists in developing social interaction and problem-solving skills in the child from a young age. Children enjoy playing with modelling dough as it helps them express their creativity through model building, giving them a sense of achievement.
    Picture of 8 Modelling Clay 100 gm

    8 Modelling Clay 100 gm

    High quality modelling clay is ideal for helping children to learn by exploring colours and shapes in three dimensions. It improves the child's dexterity and aids in problem solving.