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    Manufacturer: Toiing
    Ahoy Mates! Here's a fun Caribbean twist to the good old game of Ludo. Pick your side - Police or Pirate and race your way to the hidden treasure of the island. Pirates, watch out for the prison or get captured. Police stay away from the caves for the pirates await to avenge.
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    WHAT'S INSIDE: Game board, Pirate pawns, Police pawns and 1 Dice.
    OBJECTIVE: Race each other to get all your pawns to the treasure. Can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players.
    HOW TO PLAY: Pick a side and form two teams - Police and Pirates. In case of 3 players, the single player gets a special superpower to compete against the other team. Play like ludo, but with a few twists.
    FUN COLLABORATIVE FAMILY GAME WITH TWISTS: In this game, teams collaborate to play together to win and also need to avoid a few traps.
    CAVE TILES & KAIL TILES: A police landing on a cave tile or a pirate landing on a jail tile, gets captured and cannot play till their team rolls a 6 on their turn.
    BRIDGES: Use your colour's bridges to jump ahead in the game.
    WHY GIFT THIS: This is a great replacement to a standard Ludo - with greater excitement and more moves to make the game a lot more fun.

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