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    Picture of Krishna – The Call of Flute

    Krishna – The Call of Flute

    STORIES OF KRISHNA: Krishna, Krishna and Jarasandha, Krishna and Narakasura, Krishna and Rukmini, Krishna and Shishupala, Krishna and the false Vaasudeva, Mirabai, Sudama, Tales of Balarama & The Gita.
    Picture of Bhagawat: The Krishna Avatar

    Bhagawat: The Krishna Avatar

    The Bhagawat Puran book is the most popular of the eighteen Mahapuranas. It speaks of the glory of Vishnu and his ten incarnations. This Amar Chitra Katha special issue of Bhagawat – The Krishna Avatar is based on the 10th chapter of Bhagawat Purana book, which is the Krishna avatar of Vishnu. It narrates Lord Krishna stories in simple and graphic form. From his miraculous birth to his evil fight with Jarasandha, this book covers every story of Krishna avatar of Vishnu.