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Around the Word

Be the first to read out the word in the ring matching the colour on the back of the card and collect as many cards as you can. Player with maximum cards at the end wins the game! This game helps kids develop visual processing skills along with vocabulary skills as they discover and learn new words.
₹179.10 ₹161.19

Doodletoi Joy Cards - Magical Scratch Art Post Cards

Encourage your kids to learn the essential life skill of kindness with Doodletoi Joy Cards. These magical colorful scratch art postcards are a perfect way to get your kids engaged in something positive and fun. Doodle, scribble or simply express your feelings through art on the black area and write a message or a positive quote on the post card area and gift it to someone you love.
₹179.10 ₹161.19

Uno Dos Tres

Think you're good with words? Time to put your word power through the wringer as you rush to find the elusive word that appeases the card gods. Be the first to find a word which meets all three conditions of category, syntax and letters and win the card!
₹179.10 ₹161.19


Go on an adventure hunt inside your home as you try to gather all the objects mentioned in your card. It's fun, fast-paced and thrilling!
₹179.10 ₹161.19


A pictorial ode to Indian pride and achievement, this is a charming game to test your attention to detail. Be the first to identify the flipped card from a group of cards and get rid of your cards as soon as you can.
₹179.10 ₹161.19


With sketchy sketches and zany guesses, this one truly brings out the thinking artist in you. Explain the word on the card using only drawings. Sounds easy? Try explaining "Jump!"
₹179.10 ₹161.19