A pictorial ode to Indian pride and achievement, this is a charming game to test your attention to detail. Be the first to identify the flipped card from a group of cards and get rid of your cards as soon as you can.
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WHAT'S INSIDE: 52 playing cards and 1 instruction card with details on how to play the game 
HOW TO PLAY: Each card has the same image on the front & back with a minor difference. Be the first player to identify which card of the laid out cards has been Flipped. Refer to the video for detailed instructions on how to play
WHAT THE KIDS LEARN: Helps kids develop memory, attention to detail and general knowledge as they try to identify the flipped card and learn about different achievements of India
TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The game comes in a travel friendly pack so you can engage your kids on the go and also play as a family
WHY GIFT THIS: Boys or girls, this is a great birthday gift and a thoughtful return gift option for parties

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