Finding Emos - Kids 2-in-1 Memory & Bingo Game

Finding Emos is a great way to introduce kids to emotions through familiar games like memory cards and Bingo. Kids learn best through play so we've made it simpler for you to talk about complex but important subjects like emotions. To make the experience more immersive and wholesome, we've also made a superhero granny called Mimo who teaches children about emotions through her band of quirky Emo characters.
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WHAT'S INSIDE: 2-in-1 Memory & Bingo game, pack consists of 48 memory cards, a bingo card and 2 sketch pens

HOW TO PLAY: 2-in-1 Game, one game is a Memory game where kids need to match the Emos with their names and the second game is a Bingo game where they strike off an Emo on the card everytime they find a pair. The first player to find 5 pairs, wins!

WRITE & WIPE BINGO BOARD: Wipe the board soon after play to erase the sketch pen marks, play the game again and again

INTRODUCE KIDS TO THE WORLD OF EMOTIONS: The game helps kids identify and understand emotions like anger, sadness, disgust and joy through simple descriptions on the cards

WHY GIFT THIS: This makes for a wonderful, unique birthday gift and a great way to introduce kids to different emotions

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