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4 Modelling Dough (Pack of 2)

Modelling dough is soft and colourful. Knead-able dough for children which is ideal for motor skill and sensory development in early childhood.
₹240.00 ₹216.00

Luminos Eraser Tip Pencil (Pack of 4)

These graphite pencils convinces through its good writing quality. Its hexagonal shape and the extra break-resistant lead due to SV bonding makes them an ideal companion for writing, drawing and sketching in school and office. Available in different degrees of hardness.
₹240.00 ₹216.00

Ole Pencil - Pack of 10 (Set of 5)

Faber-Castell Ole-grip Pencils with free Eraser and Sharpener. Inspire students and writers to achieve excellence.
₹250.00 ₹225.00

Oil Pastel Set of 12 (Pack of 6)

Colour rich, soft and bright Pastel Sticks. Smooth and easy application. Higher coverage area. Ideal for techniques like sgraffito, colour overlay, colour mixing, shading & highlighting.
₹270.00 ₹243.00

School Essential Kit (Pack of 3)

Faber-Castell presents this high utility stationery set. A kit for the stationery organiser. Perfect kit for kids and adults.
₹297.00 ₹267.30

6 Premium Poster Colors (Pack of 3)

Extraordinarily vibrant Tempera Paints. Packed with pigment, these paints won’t peel, chip or flake, providing a professional result for young artists.
₹300.00 ₹270.00