Doodletoi Joy Cards - Magical Scratch Art Post Cards

Encourage your kids to learn the essential life skill of kindness with Doodletoi Joy Cards. These magical colorful scratch art postcards are a perfect way to get your kids engaged in something positive and fun. Doodle, scribble or simply express your feelings through art on the black area and write a message or a positive quote on the post card area and gift it to someone you love.
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WHAT'S INSIDE: Pack contains 10 Post Cards, 1 Wooden Stylus and 10 Kindness Stamps

HOW TO PLAY: Doodle a message or draw something on the scratch art area, write your message on the post card, paste the sticker stamp and gift it to someone

WHAT THE KIDS LEARN: Helps kids express themselves creatively and develop kindness towards others around them

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