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    Picture of Wild N Wonderful!-tinkle Animals & Birds Collection

    Wild N Wonderful!-tinkle Animals & Birds Collection

    So many animals, so little space! Here's a new 72-page collection on all sorts of wildlife from the neighborhood squirrel to the ferocious lion, from the domestic sheep to the exotic pangolin. Find out all the quirky features that make these animals special in their own way, in this new Tinkle collection.
    Picture of Defective Detectives - 2: Nothing Is As It Seems

    Defective Detectives - 2: Nothing Is As It Seems

    Dive into the world of the Defective Detectives! Criminals are begging to be locked up. The police are on holiday. Everyone knows that, with Rahul and Ravi around, crime is on a downtime. Or so they’d like to believe. From missing vegetables to escaped convicts, the detectives will chase down any crime… that’s if they don’t trip and fall over their own laces to begin with.
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 3

    Tinkle Digest No. 3

    To eat or not to eat! That is the question. What will happen when there’s enough food to be eaten but the guest is far too shy? Find out in The Shy Guest. Sundar the peacock is trying to woo Sundari but Chamataka stands in the way. Will Kalia able to help Sundar? Find out in Kalia the Crow. Chhotu, the Doctor has learnt a strange new method to treat people. A thief is all set to rob a house. And there seems to be no one who can stop him.
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 2

    Tinkle Digest No. 2

    A maneater is on the prowl and Shambu is called to save the day! But who will save Shambu? Find out in Shikari Shambu.Suppandi visits some relatives and turns their lives upside down with his antics. Get ready to burst out laughing in Foolish Suppandi.Princes are being trained for combat but amongst them there is one with a secret. Find out what it is in Arjuna’s Secret.And Tantri the Mantri uses nothing less than an avalanche in his plans to take out Hooja!
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 1

    Tinkle Digest No. 1

    This Diwali, Tantri gets into the festive mood and sets his evil and explosive plan to dethrone Raja Hooja in motion. Will he ever succeed? Find out in Tantri the Mantri. In a South Indian folk tale, a foolish king is determined to stop the flow of a river in The King who Stopped the River. Chamataka is again upto no good, this time at a farm! But Kalia the Crow has his sharp eyes on him and a clever trick up his sleeve.Suppandi receives a postcard with a super secret message in Family Matters.
    Picture of Cham Cham`s Choice & Bando And The Water Demon

    Cham Cham`s Choice & Bando And The Water Demon

    Cham Cham was a horse. She belonged to Ramki, the merchant. Ramki was very unkind to Cham Cham. He made her carry heavy loads and hardly gave her any food. Cham Cham was sad. Would she get an owner who would love her and take care of her? With no rain and nothing to drink, Bando the monkey, goes in search for water and finds a sparkling pond. But living in the pond is a huge, nasty Water Demon!