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    Picture of Faber-Castell Tri-Grip Brush - Round, Pack of 2

    Faber-Castell Tri-Grip Brush - Round, Pack of 2

    Triangular shape unique non-slip grip dots gives better grip comfort and control and also limits rolling. Suitable for water color and acrylic colors. Seamless ferrule and long lasting brush hair
    Picture of Faber-Castell My Creative Buddy

    Faber-Castell My Creative Buddy

    Your Art & Craft Companion at home. Just the right Art & Craft fun essentials to nurture your little artist’s creative skills at home. Ideal assortment for children of Grades 1 to 5 encouraging them to indulge in Art & Craft, thereby enhancing motor skill development. Includes 10 Writing Pencils, 15 cm Ruler, 1 Sharpener, 1 Eraser, 12 Jumbo Wax Crayons 90 mm, 8 Fibre-Tip Colour Markers, 12 Bi-Colour Pencils & 12 Tempera Paints 10 ml. and 1 Synthetic Paintbrush no.4, White Glue 40 ml, Child Safe Scissors Explore the limitless world of colour & imagination!
    Picture of Faber-Castell Tempera Paints 9 ml Tubes Set of 12

    Faber-Castell Tempera Paints 9 ml Tubes Set of 12

    Ready-mix tempera are ready-to-use paints in bright playful colors specially developed for an early age. Use of ready-mix tempera is ideal for motor skills and sensory development in early childhood. Ready-mix tempera also offers an expression of creativity through coloring and painting activities, giving young children a sense of achievement. Available in attractive and easy-to-use 9ml tube in sets of 12 colours in a cardboard box.
    Picture of Apsara Writing Kit

    Apsara Writing Kit

    Combo set. No. 1 recommended stationary by teachers for children. Designed to aid legibility. Extra Dark Pencils. Designed using superior transfer film technology.