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    Picture of Wild N Wonderful!-tinkle Animals & Birds Collection

    Wild N Wonderful!-tinkle Animals & Birds Collection

    So many animals, so little space! Here's a new 72-page collection on all sorts of wildlife from the neighborhood squirrel to the ferocious lion, from the domestic sheep to the exotic pangolin. Find out all the quirky features that make these animals special in their own way, in this new Tinkle collection.
    Picture of Defective Detectives - 2: Nothing Is As It Seems

    Defective Detectives - 2: Nothing Is As It Seems

    Dive into the world of the Defective Detectives! Criminals are begging to be locked up. The police are on holiday. Everyone knows that, with Rahul and Ravi around, crime is on a downtime. Or so they’d like to believe. From missing vegetables to escaped convicts, the detectives will chase down any crime… that’s if they don’t trip and fall over their own laces to begin with.
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 3

    Tinkle Digest No. 3

    To eat or not to eat! That is the question. What will happen when there’s enough food to be eaten but the guest is far too shy? Find out in The Shy Guest. Sundar the peacock is trying to woo Sundari but Chamataka stands in the way. Will Kalia able to help Sundar? Find out in Kalia the Crow. Chhotu, the Doctor has learnt a strange new method to treat people. A thief is all set to rob a house. And there seems to be no one who can stop him.
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 2

    Tinkle Digest No. 2

    A maneater is on the prowl and Shambu is called to save the day! But who will save Shambu? Find out in Shikari Shambu.Suppandi visits some relatives and turns their lives upside down with his antics. Get ready to burst out laughing in Foolish Suppandi.Princes are being trained for combat but amongst them there is one with a secret. Find out what it is in Arjuna’s Secret.And Tantri the Mantri uses nothing less than an avalanche in his plans to take out Hooja!
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 1

    Tinkle Digest No. 1

    This Diwali, Tantri gets into the festive mood and sets his evil and explosive plan to dethrone Raja Hooja in motion. Will he ever succeed? Find out in Tantri the Mantri. In a South Indian folk tale, a foolish king is determined to stop the flow of a river in The King who Stopped the River. Chamataka is again upto no good, this time at a farm! But Kalia the Crow has his sharp eyes on him and a clever trick up his sleeve.Suppandi receives a postcard with a super secret message in Family Matters.
    Picture of Cham Cham`s Choice & Bando And The Water Demon

    Cham Cham`s Choice & Bando And The Water Demon

    Cham Cham was a horse. She belonged to Ramki, the merchant. Ramki was very unkind to Cham Cham. He made her carry heavy loads and hardly gave her any food. Cham Cham was sad. Would she get an owner who would love her and take care of her? With no rain and nothing to drink, Bando the monkey, goes in search for water and finds a sparkling pond. But living in the pond is a huge, nasty Water Demon!
    Picture of Bheema and Hanuman and Narada is Jealous

    Bheema and Hanuman and Narada is Jealous

    Out of love for Narada, Vishnu gifted him a Veena. Narada played the instrument and sang praises of Vishnu all day. He was praised for his singing and slowly, Narada began to think of himself to be the best singer. One day, at an evening of music, when Vishnu asked Narada to give his Veena to Hanuman for a song, Narada becomes jealous. How will Narada overcome his jealousy? Read Narada is Jealous to find out.
    Picture of Tinkle Digest No. 4

    Tinkle Digest No. 4

    Envious people surround a famous astrologer’s son and set several traps. Will the son’s luck come to his rescue? Find out in The Astrologer’s Son.It’s party time in Big Baan! But Kalia the Crow is certain that something fishy is going on...Meet the donkey who can tell the future in The Four-Legged Astrologer. What will you do if you find that heaven exists and an elephant can take you there? Take a sneak peek into the wonders of heaven in The Heavenly Elephant.
    Picture of Divine Beings

    Divine Beings

    As Ravana abducts Sita, the brave vulture Jatayu sacrifices his life trying to save her. With his unparalleled devotion, Nandi gains immortality as Shiva's vahana. The magnificent four-tusked elephant, Airavata emerges from the golden egg of creation to become Indra's trusted vehicle. When Vishnu as Narasimha continues to destroy the world, he takes the form of the two-headed bird, Gandaberunda. Shyama and Sabala, the divine hounds are given the responsible task of guarding Yama's gates.
    Picture of Animal Tales Of India

    Animal Tales Of India

    Collection of the following titles: The Pious Cat, The Pig and the Dog, Friends and Foes.
    Picture of Mahatma Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi

    Ridiculed for his idealism and love for truth and scoffed at for his simplicity and humility, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi proved himself to be no ordinary mortal when by literally 'turning the other cheek' he brought the mighty British empire to its knees. This special edition traces the Mahatma's life as he grew from a passive, quiet and thoughtful boy into a man who seemed to possess unending reserves of strength and determination in the face of tremendous odds. A man who stirred the hearts of millions and inspired them to believe in freedom.
    Picture of Shikari Shambu 6 : On The Run

    Shikari Shambu 6 : On The Run

    From swimming with crocs to sleeping on the job, your favorite conservationist Shikari Shambu is at it again. This Shikari Shambu collection has it all. Shambu's driving fast cars and even jumping off airplanes, anything and everything he can do to protect our animals. So in true Shambu fashion, sit back, put your legs up and catch up on Shikari Shambu's latest escapades. We promise you the adventure of a lifetime.
    Picture of The Adventures Of Kalia - 2

    The Adventures Of Kalia - 2

    Remember all those lazy afternoons you spent in the company of the clever Kalia and the cowardly Shambu? The long train journeys which were impossible without the antics of Suppandi and the schemes of Tantri the Mantri? Take a trip down memory lane with Tinkle Origins, in which we celebrate the magazine’s legacy of simpler times by featuring the works created by its pioneering artists and writers.
    Picture of Suppandi 7 Fire Aware

    Suppandi 7 Fire Aware

    The world’s most interesting and disastrous employee is back! This Suppandi collection will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Suppandi battles a giant mutant mouse, acts in a movie and rescues a damsel in distress. If this isn’t enough, he also becomes a magician’s apprentice and a goalkeeper. So, buckle up! Suppandi is going to take you for one rib-tickling ride!
    Picture of  Suppandi 6 : Who Is The Boss

    Suppandi 6 : Who Is The Boss

    Suppandi is back! The lovable goof with the literal mind has been quite busy since you last met him. He is now going deep sea diving, fouling robbery attempts and even working as a night watchman. With appearances from Little Suppandi and Super Suppandi too, this is one collection you don't want to miss out on.
    Picture of The Adventures Of Suppandi - 1

    The Adventures Of Suppandi - 1

    A 72-Page Collection Of Hilarious Tales About Tinkle'S Best-Loved Comic Character - Suppandi, The Goof, Whose Antics Leave His Bosses Bothered And Bewildered. Packed With Puzzles And Activities, Colouring Pages And Craft Ideas As Well As A Special Introductory Note About The Origins Of This Iconic Character.
    Picture of Tantri The Mantri 1- The Throne Is Mine

    Tantri The Mantri 1- The Throne Is Mine

    Tantri is a minister at the court of King Hooja in a town called Hujli. He is the man who protects the King from danger and acts of treason—he is also the man behind them! That’s right. Tantri the Mantri wants to become the King of Hujli, by hook or crook. Alas! All his plans to dethrone Hooja backfire on him in the most comical and bizarre ways. But this mantri is relentless and will try any trick, no matter how ludicrous, to get his hands on the crown.
    Picture of Folktales Of South India

    Folktales Of South India

    This collection brings to you a classic mixture of humorous, informative and interesting stories from the ancient times of southern India. Enjoy a ride on 'The Heavenly Elephant', meet 'The Man in the Bush', find out 'How the Dwarf Outwitted the Giant' and much more in this edition of the Folktales of South India.
    Picture of Tales From The Hitopadesha

    Tales From The Hitopadesha

    Collection of the following titles: How Friends are Parted, A Bag of Gold Coins and Choice of Friends.
    Picture of Shikari Shambu - 7 Jungle Fever

    Shikari Shambu - 7 Jungle Fever

    Shikari Shambu is at it again! And this time the stakes are raised. From fighting off dacoits and poachers to competing against rivals and debating Shanti’s opinion of him, our intrepid conservationist really has his work cut out for him. Let’s hope he rises to the occasion and doesn’t fall asleep at the first sign of trouble.
    Picture of Butterfingers 2 - Goes Bonkers

    Butterfingers 2 - Goes Bonkers

    Butterfingers aka Amar Sen is a sprightly, lovable and clumsy 14-year-old who has a penchant for finding trouble. Adventure seems to be waiting for him at every slip, slide and fall and this collection gives you the perfect chance to be a part of his escapades. But, it also gives you something more, an inside view on how Butterfingers was created, which sports he's scared of and more importantly, how similar he thinks you are to him. So go bonkers and grab your copy now!
    Picture of Folktales Of China

    Folktales Of China

    Chinese folklore consists of fables, legends, mythological tales and historical accounts. This collection of Chinese folktales includes the well-known tale of the Valiant Shu Lang, the woman who dressed herself as a man to join the military, the Laughing Monks who taught the path to a content life through the only language they knew, laughter and The Great Discovery, the tale of how a phoenix led a young couple to a treasure they later discover to be salt.
    Picture of Folktales Of Europe

    Folktales Of Europe

    Europeans began to write down the folk and fairy tales of their various countries only when Johan Gutenberg invented his printing press in 1450. Some of the better-known collectors of folktales are Joseph Jacobs of England, the Grimm brothers of Germany and the Norwegians, Peter Asbjornsen and Moe Jorgen. Here you will meet, among other fascinating characters, the adventurer, Conall Yellowclaw, clever Jack O'Lantern who tricked even the devil and the foolish MacAndrew brothers who frittered away their fortune and lost even the roof over their heads.
    Picture of Inventions And Discoveries

    Inventions And Discoveries

    Here's a fun way to know more on the important discoveries and inventions of the last century! Read how the telephone, telegraph, cycle and other such gadgets came about, some by design and others by accident. All in a unique illustrated format. Celebrating 25 years of Science stories from Tinkle.
    Picture of Suppandi 3 - The Laughter Never Ends

    Suppandi 3 - The Laughter Never Ends

    Suppandi, a comic legend, cherished time and again for his rib-tickling goof-ups, has a new set of misadventures in Suppandi - 3 : The Laughter Never Ends. His tactics to impress his master backfire upon himself each time, giving each tale a comical twist. The village simpleton Suppandi is seldom demoralised even though he loses countless jobs. He is determined to get a new job and impress his new master. He works as a help and religiously imprints, in his mind, every word of his master. He applies each word of his master and follows it everywhere, even in adverse circumstances, notwithstanding the basic reasoning and practicality. His antics often result in misfortunes for his master.
    Picture of Suppandi 4 - Tickling The Funny Bone

    Suppandi 4 - Tickling The Funny Bone

    Suppandi has still not found the right job. Or perhaps the right job hasn't found him. So, he can be seen trying out every shoe to check if it fits. From housekeeping to dairy to security, there is no industry that Suppandi hasn't worked in and damaged irreparably. If you don't believe it, ask his poor ex-employers. They still tremble and shudder and shiver every time his name is uttered. And if you want to know why, pick up this collection and watch Suppandi in action. Plus read a very exclusive piece on the artists who have illustrated Suppandi ever since he began appearing in Tinkle.
    Picture of The Adventures Of Suppandi - 2

    The Adventures Of Suppandi - 2

    A 72-page collection of hilarious tales about Tinkle's best-loved comic character, Suppandi, the goof, whose antics leave his bosses bothered and bewildered. Packed with puzzles and activities, coloring pages and craft ideas.
    Picture of Suppandi 5 - From Hired To Fired

    Suppandi 5 - From Hired To Fired

    Everyone’s favourite goofball Suppandi is back! This time round, he’ll take up any job from wildlife photography to primary school teaching. But one thing’s for certain—where there’s Suppandi, there’s bound to be chaos!
    Picture of Suppandi And Friends Vol. 1

    Suppandi And Friends Vol. 1

    Suppandi is a cheerful goof who has worked on multiple jobs. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lasted in any of them past a day or two! He earnestly listens to instructions from his employers but then applies his own literal logic to them. What happens then? Utter mayhem! Now imagine, if Suppandi is like this what kind of mayhem the rest of his friends can create! So you have Suppandi accompanied by the cowardly forest ranger Shikari Shambu, the wicked minister Tantri the Mantri and the wise crow Kalia.
    Picture of Suppandi 8 : Employee Of The Year

    Suppandi 8 : Employee Of The Year

    If you love suppandi and his rib-tickling antics, you have it all here! And if you are meeting suppandi for the first time… get ready to have your sides ache as you laugh endlessly! Join suppandi as he hilariously blunders from one job to another! Who is suppandi? Suppandi is the most popular of tinkle toons. He has been creating trouble and evoking laughter since January 1983, issue tinkle 27. He’s a total goof and will make you laugh with his silly antics. Suppandi has had multiple jobs however none of them have lasted very long.