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Painting Intermediate- Masterclass (6 Months)

Dive into the mesmerizing world of painting with this intermediate painting masterclass and equip yourself with proficient-level painting skills while practising productive drawing exercises designed by experienced trainers.
₹36,000.00 ₹28,800.00

Intermediate Chess Masterclass (1 year)

Take your chess-playing skills to the next level with Intermediate Chess Masterclass - 1 year. The coach will help students to learn the advanced strategy, important opening concepts, recognition of tactical themes, calculation of material exchanges, and elementary endgame knowledge.
₹54,999.00 ₹38,499.00

Advanced Chess Masterclass (1 Year)

Let your kid enhance the sharpness of their mind with interactive Advanced Chess Masterclass - 1 year class. Polish gaming skills in parallel to learning new game tactics with this incredible course is surely a great opportunity.
₹89,999.00 ₹62,999.00