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Basic Chess Masterclass (6 Months)

Get ready to let your kids explore the Basic Chess Masterclass - 6 Months with PiggyRide & learn the tactics of the mindful game with the expert coach.
₹35,999.00 ₹25,199.00

French Intermediate- Masterclass (6 Months)

Give your kid a head start with the French Intermediate Masterclass and let your kids master this language like a professional.Learning French will make your kids more confident and will also increase their self-esteem.
₹36,000.00 ₹28,800.00

Sketching Intermediate- Masterclass (6 Months)

Let your kids immerse themselves in the colorful world of art by enrolling them in this comprehensive Intermediate Sketching Masterclass brought to you by PiggyRide. This masterclass will make your child a pro.
₹36,000.00 ₹28,800.00

German Intermediate- Masterclass (6 Months)

If your kid has a passion for learning the German language, this German Intermediate Masterclass will be the perfect choice for your little kids. Enroll your children today, and let them ace the German language like a pro.
₹18,000.00 ₹28,800.00

Story Telling Intermediate- Masterclass (6 Months)

Enhance your child's listening, writing, creativity skills, focus, patience, focus, concentration, and instil moral values in your kids through this online Storytelling Intermediate - PiggyRide Masterclass.
₹36,000.00 ₹28,800.00

Doodle Art Intermediate- Masterclass (6 Months)

Let your kids explore their creative abilities through these online Doodling classes brought to you by PiggyRide Intermediate masterclass. Explore messy, clean, and abstract doodles.
₹36,000.00 ₹28,800.00