iAstronomer - World's largest Astronomy Club (Duration: 1 Year)

"Target Audience: For All Age Groups i-Astronomer club is the largest global community of amateur Astronomers, where space and astronomy enthusiasts explore and unravel these mysteries together. It is a platform to learn new techniques and skills of astronomers, share ideas and passion, conduct experiments and record astronomical events, work on astrophotography projects, travel to study eclipses and collaborate to experience something out of this world every day."

Website Link: https://space-india.com/space/iastronomer.html 

iAstronomer club is a year-long program and covers the following experiences:
1. Interaction With The International Astronomer Every Month.
2. Training and Access To Robotic Telescope To Each Member.
3. Largest Coverage of Astronomical Events.  
International Star Parties.
4. Telescope, Equipment, Spectroscope, Astrophotography and Many More.
5. Virtual & Physical Trips To Worldwide Observatories.
6. Participation in National & International platforms by NASA, ESA & ISRO.
7. 4 Club Sessions in a month.
8. Live Interactions & Videos, Exciting Demonstrations,  Use of Software, Apps, and Technology.
9. Handouts and further reading resources.
10. Eclipse Chasing.
11. Each participant shall receive an E- Certificate after completion of the program.
12. All the live sessions would be online, through various safe and secure conference and webinar platforms (Zoom, Hangouts Meet, etc.)
13. Quizzes, Assessments, Doubt Clearing Sessions and much more…