Deli W39231B 12 - DGT 120 Steps Check and Correct Calculator

Desktop calculator comes with 12 digits display. Equipped with battery and solar power. It comes with a 120 steps check function which allows you to check the steps of your calculation and prevents things from going wrong.
SKU: W39231B
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1. Use of high quality Iintergrated chip for longlasting performance.

2. With 3 years warranty, we assure the best quality and peace of mind.

3. High quality LCD display screen for clear reading.

4. Button life tested for 500000 times.

5. Printing on the button tested for 300000 times.

6. Dual powered (Battery+Solar Energy) for longtime usage; Suitable for businessman, worker, teacher, student or anybody that needs make any sort of calculation from time to time.GT,%  √ ̄ Auto power off.