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    Picture of Forbidden


    Be careful to stay away from forbidden words as you describe your guess word to your eager team. This is a game that's constrained by words but not by fun!
    ₹179.10 ₹152.24
    Picture of Ludotoi


    Ahoy Mates! Here's a fun Caribbean twist to the good old game of Ludo. Pick your side - Police or Pirate and race your way to the hidden treasure of the island. Pirates, watch out for the prison or get captured. Police stay away from the caves for the pirates await to avenge.
    ₹404.10 ₹343.48
    Picture of Nutrivity 4-in-1 Food & Fitness Game

    Nutrivity 4-in-1 Food & Fitness Game

    Struggling to get kids to eat healthy? This is the perfect game for you, a 4-in-1 kit that helps kids understand different foods and the difference between good and bad food. Engage your kids in fun fitness activities to keep them active and energetic! The kit also comes with a booklet filled with activities that will surely help you create a special bond with your child. Happy Nutrivity Time!
    ₹674.10 ₹572.98
    Picture of Quick Pick

    Quick Pick

    A race to come up with a word belonging to a given category and starting with the letter matching the colour of the category.
    ₹179.10 ₹152.24
    Picture of Rhyme Chime

    Rhyme Chime

    Be the first to decode the three riddles on the card. There's just one condition - the answers have to rhyme.
    ₹179.10 ₹152.24
    Picture of Rock Art

    Rock Art

    Taking inspiration from the very origin of painting, Rock Art allows kids to express their creativity on an all-new, exciting canvas for painting. To top it off, these colours can be washed off and reused - offering endless possibilities and boundless fun!
    ₹404.10 ₹343.48