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    Picture of Apsara Spaceball Sharpener

    Apsara Spaceball Sharpener

    Apsara Spaceball Sharpeners is special space-ship shaped sharpeners. Its blade suited for a regular pencil point and mess-free container to hold the pencil shavings. Keeps surroundings neat and tidy. It is available in 4 child-friendly colors.
    Picture of Apsara Long Point Sharpener - Pouch of 5

    Apsara Long Point Sharpener - Pouch of 5

    Scientifically designed blade for an elegant long tip. Long tip writes more. Meets international quality standards.
    Picture of Nataraj Fluro Prints Pencil

    Nataraj Fluro Prints Pencil

    Attractive designs with fluorescent colours for cheerful writing. Super black lead for dark handwriting. Soft wood for easy sharpening. Rubber tipped pencils.
    Picture of Apsara Platinum Extra Dark Pencils

    Apsara Platinum Extra Dark Pencils

    Apsara Platinum Extra Dark Pencil is made from high-quality wood for clean and easy sharpening. Its strong medium-soft lead produces long-lasting, smooth and readable dark strokes without smudging. Easy to hold and comfortable to write for little hands.
    Picture of Noor Jahan

    Noor Jahan

    Born a poor refugee, Meher was blessed with both spirit and talent. She could ride horseback and design fine clothes. She could lead armies to victory and yet be a doting wife. She could attend to the problems of a vast empire and at the same time be blissfully happy making perfumes. Emperor Jahangir fell under her spell and aptly named her Noor Jahan, for she lit up his world with her love.
    Picture of Ramana Maharshi

    Ramana Maharshi

    The carefree, fun-loving boy changed suddenly. Meditative and withdrawn, Vekataraman or Ramana Maharshi, as he was later named, left his loved ones and set out to find his true calling. The Maharshi's, simplicity, his quiet wisdom and his love for every living being - be it a tree, an animal or the lowliest of people - brought with it a peace and calm that suffused every devotee who came before him.